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Mahdi Taqizadeh

Math/Systems Thinking Tutor
What do I need math for? Why rack my brain so hard when everyone has a smart phone and a…

20.00 $

Presenting your architecture projects and views properly, and making yourself understood to employers necessitate knowing how to work with some…

34.00 $

Maryam Afraz

Yoga Instructor - 13 years old and up
I was always looking for the meaning of life and the concept of self. I tried different ways, and finally…

15.00 $

Mehrara Rahmani

Python and IoT Tutor
The knowledge of one or more programming languages, or at least familiarity with them and problem solving skills using coding…

15.00 $

Mohadeseh Ardekani

Creative Drama Tutor
In creative drama and emotional intelligence classes, we work on skills such as creative visualization, life skills, musical skills, improving…

25.00 $

Mohammad Rezaei

Mythology Tutor
The first field of study that caught my attention was literature. Gradually, I became interested in religion and read several…

9.00 $

Nima Shirinbayan

Chess Coach
I have been playing chess for 13 years and I have 5 years of experience teaching it, including near 200…

21.00 $

Sara Mohammadi

Personal Trainer
A talented Fitness coach will lead you to work on the health of your body and mind. As you know,…

13.00 $

Siamak Dorri

Psycho-drama Tutor - 6 years old and up
The first approach of psycho-drama is a therapy using the art of theater and drama, and in this drama, the…

18.00 $

Siyavash Khaledan

Microsoft Excel Tutor - 15 years old and up
12 years of experience in the field of Industrial engineering coupled with 10 years of education in said field made…

11.00 $