We're Passionate About AloPal

AloPal is an online learning platform, delivering a variety of educational services tailored to the needs of all Farsi-speaking communities around the globe.

Alopal is here to ease off the burden of being an immigrant and to solve the unique struggles that come with it. Immigration is more than just a relocation ; it involves questions of a sense of identity and belongingness, and the accessibility to certain resources.

We have been extremely careful about the experts we select as your Pals, to ensure exceptional outcomes. Furthermore, we have developed a research team, focused on studying the educational needs of immigrants. Last but not least, creating a sense of community on a virtual platform was paramount. We wanted to make a community of Farsi-speaking people in diaspora. By joining, you partake in making a global community, and as the community becomes bigger, AloPal will cover more of your needs,  leading the way towards ease.

No matter where you are, if you have any talent, skill or knowledge that can teach others online and in Persian, contact us via this link.

About us