Hey, nice to meet you. We’re AloPal!
AloPal is an online platform offering tutoring services to Farsi-speaking communities living abroad
AloPal is an online platform offering a varaiety of services to farsi speaking community living abroad


Alopal language tutoring classes


Learning a second language means a new person, a new identity and a new world!

Choose your pal and start your journey!

Music tutoring classes


Music is more than just entertainment. It can be a lifestyle, You can learn Pop or Classical music with different instruments and styles with Alopal !

kids tutoring classes


If your child has challenges interacting with non-Persian speaking teachers, Alopal is the solution!

Choose your child’s favourite class and pal and leave it to Alopal!

Other tutoring classes

Other classes

Don’t let immigration and its challenges stop you from learning what you like! Alopal lets you learn different skills online and with Persian-speaking teachers. You can also get a free introduction session!

How it Works

Find Your Pal

Our service providers are so friendly they’re practically your pals! There’s also a variety of them available, so you can compare their abilities, expertise, methods, certificates, etc. to find exactly what you need!

Book Online

Book a session or more online!

You can choose one, three or 10 sessions on each pal’s profile page and then set the date and time directly with him/her! You can even take a 15-min free session with any pal, if you’re not sure about choosing the pal!


We’ve made sure to choose the best pals to provide you with the perfect experience. Our support team will be happy to answer all your questions and listen to your comments!


Language Tutors


Music Tutors


Kids Tutors